Mississippi State University School of Architecture.


Fazio Liks Frogs?


The graffiti on this column proved two things...
1.)  This is good advice for an architecture student.


2.) My reputation proceeds me.

  Universally, architecture students work harder than anyone else.

Poor guy.  I suppose he just saw me finish my hamburger.  I think it may have been his cousin.


Cowbells by the dozen.

  Engine and Tractor Power, by Carroll E. Goering.  Or proof that this is really a cow college.  They have damn good cheese and ice cream, though.

Maroon Hummer.  I hope this wasn't a special order, but I think it was.


Pre-game.  Insert cowbell noises here.


Today's game brought to you by pork.


Our skybox afforded us a view of the officials thinking of ways to call penalties against Mississippi State.


The "Famous Maroon" Band. 

Last Modified Thursday August 26, 2004