Julie, waving goodbye as we load up on VHS videos.


I-40, Slick roads, bad brakes, nice, soft landing.  We were lucky to dodge a 18 wheeler, a dump truck, and another truck to find a nice soft place to land next to a hillside.   Note the rescue worker.


More rescue workers. And Noel, sitting up to see what I'm taking a picture of.


Julie, Steven, and Jason are standing up in this picture.  The bus was leaning.  We shoulda had a V8.


Back half of the bus, Ed, Stephanie, and Christina demonstrating the same principles.


There were no emergency exits on the bus.  The windows were sealed, the top hatches were locked shut. 


Several hours and a tow truck later, we're freed from the embankment. 


After the bus was freed, surprisingly it still ran.  This was the only damage.


Another view.


Bus #2, heading back to Nashville.


Last Modified Thursday August 26, 2004